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8pm Tuesday 19th October 2021



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What is the Elevate Life Recharge Challenge?

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I level up in my life, increase productivity, stay consistent, stay hopeful in times of adversity, increase the quality of my relationships or be more mindful of my total health and wellbeing? Well, these are the questions we get asked the most.


Seeing a huge opportunity to serve our community, we decided to create this free 5 day “Elevate Life Recharge Challenge” to help you stay committed to the process of growth.


This challenge will help you gain clarity for all areas of your life and learn simple methods and positive habits that you can implement straight away so you can live an Elevated Life with more awareness and empowerment. 


As you work through these lessons, lean into the discomfort. You may encounter truths you don't want to see, notice patterns that explain your current situation and be asked to participate in activities that stretch you outside your comfort zone. All of this is done intentionally to help you Elevate in your life. 


Trust the process and know that you are creating and strengthening a growth mindset.

“Through greater self-awareness and taking action towards your dreams and goals you'll open the door to richer experiences and an overall greater life.”

Here are some of the things you will learn


How to build your winning mindset and remove limiting beliefs that are keeping you in scarcity, fear and doubt and holding you back from success.


How to implement positive life routines so that you can go through your day with more clarity and conviction.


How to gain awareness for your money mindset and challenge your views around financial wealth. 


How to build stronger relationships based on honour, empowerment and respect.


How to implement self-reflection activities so you can track your progress and live with more intention and purpose.


Meet your mentors

Life partners Jay and Sarah have been together for 15 years, they are parents of four children, entrepreneurs, certified life coaches and advocates for mental health awareness, personal development and growth in all areas of life. 


Standing firm in their family values with a clear vision for their future, Jay and Sarah live a life of unapologetic honesty, with happiness, humour and humility.


After going through struggles in their marriage, parenting, business, overcoming states of depression, stress, anxiety, fighting with their egos, excuses, self-doubt and self-sabotage.


Their life experiences are the inspiration behind the creation of this positive movement. 

They know how it feels to be stuck and struggling in life, to not feel like you have a way out, to not know what your next best move is to get ahead in life. 


After investing years in their personal development for all areas of their lives they now have the tools, strategies and practical methods that you can implement into your life immediately to make a change and elevate to reach your true potential in life.

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