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6 Week Online Course
Live and be the best version of you


This course will give you the tools to help you show up with more confidence and purpose in all areas of life

Investing in new skills for your life and personal growth is about putting in effort to learn what’s required to maintain and prosper at all stages of life. It’s not just something you do when you hit rock bottom and are desperate for help.

Women we need to value ourselves more!

As nurturers, we have this natural ability to care for and serve others before we serve ourselves. 


Why? Because this is what’s been normalised for many generations of women. 


We’ve all seen our own grandmothers and mothers work tirelessly to cook, clean, work, birth and raise families and communities.


And we’ve all seen the stress, overcapacity, and worn out energy of these efforts because of the lack of boundaries and self-love. 


Ladies this has to stop at us.


How can we raise our children to value themselves when we don't even do that for ourselves?  


We need to learn to be our own cheerleaders in life so that we can ensure that we are thriving with purpose and passion in all areas of our lives.


Self-love is having boundaries, is saying no when you are stressed, is making time for yourself, is filling your cup investing in your own growth, love and happiness. 


What is the result of that? 

When you feel happy, fulfilled and loved you are able to give your best self to your family, friends and community.

You deserve to feel fulfilled and happy in your life.


Live the life you want with fulfilment and purpose
We'll give you the foundation to succeed


Identify and get insights on how to 

breakthrough barriers that hold you back in life


Learn the methods to strengthen and build your relationship and parenting skills


Release any egos and excuses so

you can move forward and live with confidence and purpose


Create your life vision and goals that make you feel fulfilled in life


Connect with a community of uplifting likeminded women to support you on your journey

This course will give you the tools to
live the life you want now 

Elevate Her is a 6 week online personal growth course to support women to live with more purpose and confidence in all areas of their lives. Creating this online course allows us to reach those of you who can’t make it to our live events, meaning that you get to work on your personal development journey in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

How will it run?
This course has been split up into step by step digestible modules that you will work through. Each module contains your course content that includes video tutorials and coaching sessions, worksheets and activities to complete. 

What’s included?

  • 6-week course

  • Activities and worksheets 

  • 24/7 access to the online course for 6 months

  • Private accountability Facebook group

  • Live accountability group coaching

  • Live mastermind calls with guest speakers


  • Mindset growth and positive habits

  • Self reflection and confidence

  • Life vision and goals

  • Personal boundaries

  • Strengthening relationships

  • Communication and people skills

  • Positive parenting 

  • Stress management

  • Identity and standards


This course is for you if: 

  • You want to live with more confidence

  • You want a thriving relationship

  • You want positive parenting skills

  • You want to improve your communication 

  • You’re ready for personal growth 

  • You’re done with living your life on cruise control

  • You’re ready to live with more purpose and passion

  • You want a clear vision for your life 

  • You want the tools to track and achieve goals 

  • You want to learn how to manage stress

  • You want to live and be your true authentic self

  • You want to be apart of an uplifting community

Don't Miss Out Because You're Living Your Life On Auto-Pilot

You deserve better than just going through the motions

Does your life feel so predictable you can’t really remember when you truly enjoyed yourself? Maybe you’re just living day to day or month to month. Maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Are you struggling at home or at work because you’re bored? Or, maybe you’re struggling because you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and losing sleep over it.

Why repeat the same 

old story each day?

Why put up with feeling 

stuck in your situation?

Why stay comfortable with life

happening around you?

Why keep going to bed and

dreading tomorrow?

Elevate Her is the course that will give you everything you need to stop going through the motions and transform your life, no matter what your situation is.

What People Say


I have absolutely loved the Elevate Her course and have really taken a deeper look into myself and my whanau! I’ve finally taken steps to fill my cup first and that feels so empowering.  This has been amazing for my confidence and to really challenge myself to get outside my comfort zone, learn and soak up all this goodness. These tools are so important if you want to succeed in life.


Doing the Elevate Her course has been the best investment I have ever made in myself! The amazing amount of valuable knowledge, the Inspirational coaches, mentors, and the other beautiful women I have been privileged to meet in this safe space has been so uplifting. I am so glad I took that leap of faith and put me first for once. If there is anything I want to share, it is, that you are the creator of your own story and you deserve to live your best life now.


My experience with doing the Elevate Her course has been a whirlwind of emotions, really delving deep into who I am meant be and what I really want from life. Sharing the experience with a wonderful bunch of women who all want to support and uplift each other to be our best selves is empowering. Easily one of the best investments I have made. If you're ready for true positive growth in your life then you need to get signed up. Just do it!

It's Time To Elevate Your Life 

You Deserve the Life You Want to Live

No Matter What Your Situation is Right Now

Taking control of your situation is easier than you might imagine. 

Plus, you’ll learn how you can improve your life right now, regardless of your situation.

Your Registration Includes

24/7 access to the online
6-week course 

Access to the Elevate Her private accountability group

Live accountability group coaching
Live mastermind calls with guest speakers

Meet Your Mentors

Life partners Jay and Sarah have been together for 16 years, they are parents of three children, entrepreneurs, certified life coaches and advocates for personal development and growth in all areas of life. 


Standing firm in their family values with a clear vision for their future, Jay and Sarah live a life of unapologetic honesty, with happiness, humour and humility.


After going through struggles in their marriage, parenting, business, overcoming states of depression, stress, anxiety, fighting with their own egos, excuses, self-doubt and self-sabotage.


Their life experiences are the inspiration behind the creation of this positive movement that has helped so many people make life-changing breakthroughs in their lives. 


They know how it feels to be stuck and struggling in life, to not feel like you have a way out, to not know what your next best move is to get ahead in life. 


After investing years in their own personal development for all areas of their lives and through their life coaching education they now have the tools, strategies and practical methods that you can implement into your life immediately to make a change and elevate to reach your true potential in life.


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