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1 Day Relationship Retreat

Auckland 24th April 2021

This relationship retreat will give you the tools required

to create and maintain the relationship you want

Investing in new skills for your relationship or marriage is about putting in effort to learn what’s required to MAINTAIN your loving, mature and deep relationship at all stages of life. It’s not just something you do when you have division, conflict and feel desperate to save your relationship.

We get it, learning “how-to” have a great relationship and marriage seems odd to some poeple. Like, shouldn’t I already know how to do this? And, I really don’t want someone else telling me what’s up with my relationship!


We get it! But, what if…


…you had a plan to build the EXACT relationship you and your partner want? Not someone else’s idea of what a relationship-marriage “should” be, but YOUR vision of a relationship that thrills you, and your partner! You design it according to what both of you want. No one else – just the two of you.


I know you may be wondering why you haven’t figured this whole marriage thing out yet, because hey! You put in a lot of effort! But, take a look at your examples. Odds are, your parents’ marriage wasn’t perfect… they are human, after all. And THEY probably didn’t have a great example, either. So where DO you go to learn how to have a great relationship?


Maybe you’ve tried counseling - therapy or a “marriage workshop” or possibly even read a book or two. Maybe you did those things and maybe you learned a few skills. But did they STICK?

Maybe, maybe not.


Here’s the thing, your relationship needs a solid foundation to build upon… and you’ve got to build it together. In fact, you probably spent way more time planning your wedding or even a birthday than you did on figuring out the years that follow for your life together. But, it’s not too late to hit the reset button and create the relationship you want now!

Remember when you couldn’t stop

thinking about each other?

Remember when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? It is possible to get that back – and to live this every day!

Like anything else, you require skills to have an incredible relationship. And GOOD NEWS… skills can be learned!


We know what you’re thinking: “Skills” aren’t very romantic or sexy. True. But what those skills bring is exactly that…



Do you prioritise your relationship?

If you’ve been in a relationship for more than a minute, you know frustration at home affects our work, general happiness, the quality of the time we spend with our kids, even our downtime is less enjoyable.

Most of us KNOW our relationship should be a top priority in our lives… but, too often, life itself seems to just get in the way of an awesome relationship.

We know pushing our relationship onto the back burner is NOT the answer. In fact, it may be exactly why your relationship is suffering right now.

Something is stopping the two of you from creating an awesome relationship… causing you to settle, like most people do, for an “Okay” relationship.

Or maybe something much more serious has happened in your relationship… Neglect – intentional or unintentional – never leads to anything good! It only leads to loneliness, abandonment, abuse, and in some cases infidelity.

Is that what you really want?!? Of course not.

If you are that rare couple who wants a great relationship, day-in and day-out, in spite of where you are right now, keep reading.

What will we cover at





What if you both honestly AGREED on your family, financial and life goals? Would that take some friction out of your relationship… heck YEAH!  Division in a relationship arises when couples lack clarity, communication and vision, and you will leave with a new vision for your relationship. 

Think back to when you just started going out… you were intimate all the time! Kissing, touching, being intimate and flirting. But now it’s once a week or even once a month. That’s not what a relationship should be like! Being intimate plays a critical role in a great relationship. You’ll learn how to have open discussions around intimacy, respect and what each of you desires to build that connection again. 



When you and your spouse are clicking, things are great! But when there’s tension, heated arguments or even stony silence, everything else feels out of whack. You’ll learn how to minimise and manage your conflict so that your communication results in trust, understanding and a strong bond. When you and your spouse are united, you are unstoppable.



Remember how happy you were on your first date or wedding day? How in love you both were with each other? Then, all of a sudden you’re bickering over who emptied the dishwasher last and whose turn it is to walk the dog. This is NOT how a relationship should be! Each of you fills a very important role in your relationship, and when you discover those “sweet spots” your life together becomes dynamic, passionate and fulfilling!

"When you have no vision for your relationship you


This relationship retreat is for you if: 

  • You want a deeper connection with your love

  • You need guidance for your relationship

  • You want to learn better communication skills

  • You’re ready for personal growth 

  • You’re done with just having an okay relationship

  • You’re ready for positive change

  • You want to work with coaches and mentors that want to see you win in your relationship 

  • You want to learn how to maintain a meaningful relationship

  • You want a safe space to discuss intimacy, respect and love

  • You want the tools to create a vision for your relationship  

  • You want to be apart of an uplifting community that's elevating in all areas of life

“Challenges expose an opportunity to fill a skill gap.

You know how to learn a new skill. You just have to decide quitting is not an option. You have to decide division is no longer going to take a stand in your life.”

What People Say


My husband and I have both benefitted from working with Jay and Sarah as a couple by learning the practical tools to banish toxic habits and traits that crept in overtime and learning real-life tips on how to reignite the spark between us. They truly are amazing mentors that you will learn so many fundamental life skills from. 


When it comes to life coaching and guidance I would recommend this power couple to anyone.  Their positive yet realistic outlook on life matched with their big hearts for wanting people to win is second to none.  They walk the talk, but most of all they empower you to believe in yourself even when you thought you didn't have it in you to achieve.


I've had the honour of working with this amazing team for over a year now and the life skills that I have learnt from them will be treasured forever!  I've had so many breakthroughs by utilising their skills and techniques.  If you ever want truth, accountability and  motivation to do more in life, then you need to attend one of their empowering events

It's Time To Elevate Your Love

You Deserve the Relationship You Want 

Your Registration Includes

Ticket to the full-day relationship retreat

Access to the online Elevate

private accountability group

Exclusive discount to future life, marriage and communication events

Morning / Afternoon Tea

Buffet Lunch 

Elevate Love Retreat - Auckland
24 Apr 2021, 9:00 am
Beaufords In Totara Park

Meet Your Mentors

Jay and Sarah, have had HUGE highs and lows in their 15-year relationship. They went through 10 years of a toxic relationship and have invested many years and time travelling overseas to do personal development and therapy to not only restore their marriage but to also elevate in all the other areas of their lives. 

They have also coached and mentored many other couples to do the same. “We were inspired to become Certified Life Coaches so that  we could use our life experiences and hardships to help others find hope and restoration in their lives and relationships.”

They know how hard it is to struggle in a relationship with unforgiveness, heartache, resentment, hate, constant division, arguing and immature communication. “We’ve been to hell and back in our relationship, so what we teach comes from our real-life experiences matched with proven communication, life and relationship methods." 

Together, they have restored their marriage, raised 3 children and built a six-figure business. You can imagine, it wasn’t always easy and they have had some tough times. They have made a ton of mistakes – as we all have – but they milked those mistakes for EVERY drop of knowledge and growth they could. 


As Seen On


Honestly, not everyone wants an incredible relationship with their partner. Some couples are perfectly content with an “OK” or “boring” relationship. But for the select few who genuinely want to ignite a passionate, fun and harmonious relationship this special event is for you.


Imagine… a slower time, one that gives you the chance to reconnect with what made you fall in love in the first place and discover new levels of intimacy. During the seminar, we’ll discover and get past those things that may have driven a wedge between you and that person you promised to love and cherish forever.


It’s so much more than just a couples retreat, so much more than a coaching session, this event will help you make long term changes to your relationship. 


Q: Is this going to be some “chick-flick” type warm and fuzzy type seminar?

A: Hell no! This is as raw and real as it gets. A no holds barred, get it done type event that will deliver results!

Q: How will the day run?

A: This will be a full-day seminar that is run as a classroom style that will include some break out sessions.

Q: How old do my kids need to be in order to attend?

A: This event will be dealing with mature topics and may include mature language. We have set the minimum age at 18 years old.

Q: Can a single person attend? Will this be helpful to someone who is preparing for marriage?

A: Yes! Singles are welcome and the content will be excellent preparation for marriage or determining what you want in a spouse.

Q:My partner can’t make the event, should I still attend?

A: Yes! You will have an amazing time. However, we highly recommend that your partner makes every effort to attend, as well.

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