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Online Live Oct 4th 

Early bird: $49.00 (Available till 20th Sept)
Standard Price: $149 

Elevate your parenting 

Elevate your parenting is a masterclass that will focus on simple foundation tools to help you feel more connected and conscious of the many parenting situations that you will face in life.


Core focus:

Mindset and communication tools that will take you from being frustrated and being in survival mode to connected and thriving as a parent.


How to go from control to connection so your child will understand the why behind your choices and be more effective at making better behavioural decisions. 


From a broken you to a whole parent-child relationship, by shedding the guilt, shame and dysfunction and walking into empathy, compassion, and a cohesive parent-child relationship.

“The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example”

Topics covered

  • Early years of parenting and child development.

  • Managing Tantrums

  • Power struggles

  • Age and stage development

  • Gentle Parenting 101

  • Navigating relationships

  • Parenting / co-parenting

What's included?

  • 90 minute+ Masterclass Videos

  • Worksheets & Activities

  • 60 minute Live online workshop with expert parenting coaches

  • Monthly Live online Guest Teachers

  • Library of Guest Teacher videos

  • 6 month replay access


Masterclass access is available anytime.

The live workshop will be on the 4th October



Early bird: $49.00 

Standard: $149.00


Meet your mentors

Life partners Jay and Sarah have been together for 16 years, they are parents of three children, entrepreneurs, certified life coaches and advocates for mental health awareness, personal development and growth in all areas of life. 


Standing firm in their family values with a clear vision for their future, Jay and Sarah live a life of unapologetic honesty, with happiness, humour and humility.


After going through struggles in their marriage, parenting, business, overcoming states of depression, stress, anxiety, fighting with their egos, excuses, self-doubt and self-sabotage.


Their life experiences are the inspiration behind the creation of this positive movement. 

They know how it feels to be stuck and struggling in life, to not feel like you have a way out, to not know what your next best move is to get ahead in life. 


After investing years in their personal development for all areas of their lives they now have the tools, strategies and practical methods that you can implement into your life immediately to make a change and elevate to reach your true potential in life.

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